Baltic Regional Investment Forum

September 21, 2023, St. Petersburg
Program BRIEF’22
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Open Talk. "Support measures for business: best practices of application"
    Practical discussion on government support for business.
    In response to the sanctions pressure, a large number of support measures have been proposed for businesses, both for existing production facilities and for the creation of new import-substituting projects. As part of an open discussion, it is important to hear the views of business and discuss the experience of receiving assistance and preferences: how the mechanisms are implemented in practice, what companies demand, what are the common problems, achievements and difficulties, how the region works on interaction with business and on the provision of support measures.
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Coffee break
Plenary discussion. “Industrial Foresight: What is the future of Russian industry under sanctions?”
    The imposed sanctions have brought serious challenges to Russian industry, causing difficulties in supply chains, disrupting ties with suppliers and customers. In this situation of high uncertainty, businesses need to develop an understanding of future changes in the Russian economy. We have invited professionals who bring together knowledge from various fields - representatives of the business community, experts and analysts - to participate in this section.
Topics for discussion:
  • Is it possible to identify promising growth points in the sectors? Which new sectors and activities could generate additional demand?
  • How is the basket of Russian exports changing? Which products and in which country markets will Russia be represented in the future?
Introductory speech
Experts' speeches:
Discussion participants:
  • Tsui Tszinju – Deputy Director of the International Affairs Department, Administration for Commerce, Hebei Province (China)
Coffee break/Contact exchange
    At the Contact Exchange suppliers of spare parts, components, materials, raw materials and equipment for industrial enterprises will be able to present their products to potential customers - top managers and purchasing managers of manufacturing companies operating in Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg - in a format of one-to-one meetings.
Council on improving the investment climate in Leningrad region: how to overcome import dependence? (By invitation only)
    The import substitution agenda is not new for Russia, but there are not many successful examples of its implementation. Some of these examples are related to the localisation of foreign productions that have left the Russian market in the current environment. Macroeconomic data and expert reviews give some insight into the problems of Russian business, but how do specific enterprises feel in the face of sanctions, what are they doing? Businesses in dialogue with regional authorities will discuss practical problems and real opportunities in Leningrad region.
Topics for discussion:
  • How acute is the problem of import dependency for businesses? How are businesses coping with it in the new environment?
  • Is it already possible to talk about the emergence of new mechanisms for working under sanctions? In which areas have solutions been found, and where do we still need to look for them? How can "best practices" be disseminated?
  • What is the demand from businesses for government assistance in adapting to the new environment? How satisfied are businesses with the current package of support measures?
Introductory speeches:
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